Tooth Truth

Did you know that you don't have to lose your teeth as you get older? When I was younger I assumed that everyone loses their teeth, no matter what they do.

Dr. Jack Cottrell, president of the Canadian Dental Associations says

"We absolutely can keep our teeth healthy for a lifetime [...]"
Trauma, disease, and lack of care are the main culprits in tooth loss and all of these things are more or less preventable.

After asking this question of my dentist and finding out it wasn't true, I was motivated to take better care of my teeth and now I'm fully committed to dying with my own teeth in my head!  I have had some trauma to one of my front teeth from a bike accident so that one might be the exception but the rest of them have no excuse!

Now that you know this, does it change the way you think about the health of your teeth? 

For me, flossing was the one major habit that I had a hard time with. But in this article I provide the tip that made all the difference in the world. I hope it helps you too!



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