Making Informed Food Decisions

Today just before lunch, my boss brought in three boxes of ice cream treats from Dairy Queen.

The choices were:

  • DQ ice cream sandwiches
  • Dilly bars
  • Buster bars.

They all sounded good to me and I hadn't had any snacks or treats so far, just breakfast.

Before choosing which one I was going to indulge in, I stopped by my favorite online resource for informed food decisions, Calorie King and looked up each of them to see just how many calories I would be using out of my daily allocation.

I was a little surprised at the results. The Dilly bar had 240, the DQ ice cream sandwich 190, and the Buster Bar had 480! Wow!

Personally, I don't think 240 is too bad for a treat like this, you kind of expect it to be calorie "expensive" but 480 is almost a meal in itself! I opted for the ice cream sandwich and it was a delightful treat on a hectic day at the office.

You will have more success in your weight loss struggle if you take the time to gather some information. If I had chosen the Buster Bar, I would have had to give up some calories later in the day to maintain my calorie goal. Other options would be to add more exercise, or maybe just choose to go over for the day which is not going to help at all.

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