Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance

I didn't make it to the gym today because I forgot to do laundry this weekend.

Typically if I want to make sure I get to the gym, I get my bag ready the night before, otherwise I'm more likely to procrastinate too long in the morning and make excuses not to go. Or, like today, just not have enough time. I would have had to get up at 4am to do laundry AND get to the gym. (But then that would have required some planning as well)

This works with everything.

If I want to eat healthy, I need to stock my fridge (and my desk drawer) with good food, fruits and vegetables and snacks like yogurt, otherwise when I get hungry, I end up making quick (bad) decisions out of hunger and lack of preparedness.

Just like getting ready for a test, the more you prepare, the less you get caught off guard and the better you will fare because you planned ahead.

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