Change Is Hard!

No one wants to give up their favorite foods and their "occasional" guilty pleasures. Living without pasta and chocolate may seem like end of the world events but I'm here to offer a different approach. 

Don't give up anything (at first) but make sure to add something healthy to make up for some of your bad habits.

  • Drink too much alcohol?
    • Drink one extra glass of water a day, then two, then three. It only takes a few seconds to choke down a small glass of water. A lot less time than it does to drink a beer. Do it first thing when you get up, when you are filling the coffee pot, brushing your teeth, whenever you think about it. Don't resist! Your liver will thank you.
  • Don't eat enough veggies?
    • Throw a couple into random dishes, spaghetti is a great place to hide diced zucchini. You can't even taste it.
    • I add peas to my tuna mac, I like the contrast and the occasional "pop" of the peas in my mouth. Don't like peas? Try some other veggie diced real small.
    • Making meat? Add a frozen veggie side* and eat it first to get it out of the way. No harm in adding butter to make it better! Or kick up your cooking a notch and add sauteed mushrooms and/or onions to your meat. Impress your friends and loved ones! *Fresh is better but I realize not many people actually cook anymore.
  •  Do you eat eggs?
    • Eggs and veggies were made for each other. Just dice them small and scramble it all together. If you don't like crunchy veggies, add them first and then just stir in the eggs a minute after the veggies are in. 
    • Mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers and green onions are always tasty with eggs. Whatever you can find in  the fridge. It's easy!
  •  Eat too much sugar?
    • Try to add something/anything to up the nutrition value. Ice cream? Add peanut butter or fruit for protein and nutrients. Candy bar? Can it at least be a Snickers? If not, make a deal with yourself to add an extra scoop of veggies at the next meal. 
    • Did you drink a Unicorn Frappe? I'm not sure there is much hope in this case, just forgive yourself, move on, and promise never to do it again.
It's little things like these that will help bring awareness to your eating habits and over time I've found that I start seeing results like better digestion, less hangovers, clearer skin that make it that much easier to move forward to even better food choices (a little more veggies, maybe a little less sugar?). And once you see that vegetables and water really aren't that get over your aversion and can move toward acceptance. 

It's all about the baby steps or in other words, giving it a half assed try.



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