Random Tip #1

This is not necessarily weight loss or fitness related but I have a health tip that may help others:

Flossing in the shower.

I, like most people have always hated flossing. Not just because it's another chore, or because it's one more thing to take up my time in a day but it really, really grossed me out!

I'm not sure if it's just me or not but whenever I flossed, it smelled, the chunks that I displaced were not something I wanted to deal with and I was generally disgusted by the whole process.

My solution?

Floss in the shower.

So much less disgusting, easier to rinse, and just far less inconvenient in general.  There is no smell to deal with and my dentist regularly surprises me with good status reports since I started doing this. 

I keep a skein of floss in the shower at all times. They are typically waterproof so no big deal leaving it there. I've been keeping floss in my shower for many years and have had no problems so...

All I can say is, try it. It may just help.



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