How To Stay on Track When Traveling

Montana is a big state and the company I work for services customers throughout the entire expanse. Driving is really the only way to get from one end to the other and when we head out, we try to hit as many places as we can to make the best use of our time. The longest I've been on the road was two weeks. This can wreak havoc on a responsible eating and exercise plan.

The easy choice is obviously to hit fast food joints on your way from one place to another and sometimes relax and enjoy a sit down meal in the hotel restaurant but none of these are very healthy options; occasionally but not the entire trip. Here are some tips that I use to minimize the damage that traveling can do.

  • Research hotels in advance and reserve the ones that have a fitness room and/or pool available. Don't forget to pack your workout clothes and swimsuit.
  • I used the Eat Well Guide to find healthy places to eat BEFORE I headed out.
  • I often take a cooler and go grocery shopping before the trip making sure I load up on fruit and's like a big healthy lunch box. This greatly reduces your expenses, especially if you are on a per diem.
  • Purchase lunch at the store rather than a restaurant - an apple, a piece of chicken from the deli and a yogurt, done!
These methods have helped me out a lot over the last few years. What do you do to minimize the impact of travel on your healthy routine? Am I missing anything?

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