Eating as Much as You Can For the Least Amount of Calories

The principle behind Volumetrics is calorie density. For example, you can eat a candy bar, which is small and probably won’t fill you up, or you can eat 5 cups of broccoli for the same amount of calories. Not that you would eat that much broccoli in one sitting but if you did, you would probably be full for awhile. The concept is getting to eat as much as you can in volume without going off of your calorie goal.

Sometimes the amount of food is the most important. There are days when you just can’t get enough; you are hungry all day long. If you are tying to lose weight, this can potentially throw you off your plan but it doesn’t have to. This is very important especially when you are first implementing a calorie restrictive diet. When you are going from no control of what you eat to portion control, it can be shocking. But if you just nibble on high calorie foods you’ll hit your calorie limit before you get full and may just decide to blow the whole thing later because you are hungry.

It’s a balancing act and Volumetrics helped me get through this stage. I call it a stage because my system has now gotten used to eating less so it’s not as difficult to eat less quantity. This may not be the case for everyone, for some it may always be the goal to eat as much food as possible while staying under their calorie goal that’s perfectly fine, the number of calories is the most important factor.

From an article on Web M.D.:
The hook of Volumetrics is its focus on satiety, the feeling of fullness. Rolls (the creator of Volumetrics) says that people feel full because of the amount of food they eat -- not because of the number of calories or the grams of fat, protein, or carbs. So the trick is to fill up on foods that aren't full of calories. Rolls claims that in some cases, following Volumetrics will allow you to eat more -- not less -- than you do now, while still slimming down.

If that last part sounds too good to be true, it’s not. It’s all about making wise choices and knowing what you are putting in you mouth. Being able to eat more while still slimming down is perfectly doable, if you do it right. Again, with the example above, 1 candy bar or 5 cups of broccoli.....with the broccoli*, you are eating more food for the same amount of calories as the candy bar. What you are not doing is eating 5 candy bars instead of one and expecting to lose weight.....right?

* To clarify, I'm talking about steamed or boiled broccoli; not broccoli boiled with oil and served with a huge smear of butter or covered in cheese, that changes the numbers.

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