13 Week Walk/Run Program - Week 6 - Repeated

I just completed week 6 of the 13 week walk/run program for the second time. This time I was much stronger on the first two days and weaker on the last day. If I were to describe today's run it would look more like day one of my previous week 6 adventure.

Next week I'm back up to 10 minute run intervals. This is right about where I started feeling cruddy but thought it was the running, not realizing I was coming down with something. I must say I'm glad it's the weekend so I can rest.

This week I've been much more successful in keeping the diet under control. Part of it is because my husband has been sick so we're not eating together. He always likes to make sure I'm stuffed full and have lots of yummy treats like butter and dessert. I like to just grab a sandwich or something. No fanfare, no dressing, no dessert, just something plain and non-fattening and I'm happy.

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