13 Week Walk/Run Program - Week 6 - Day 1

Today's objective: Run 5 minutes. Walk 1 minute. Do this 8 times.

Wow! What a different day today was. I feel like I ran a marathon, I probably looked like it too....you know, one of the last stragglers barely limping across the finish line; you can hardly tell they are running....that was me.

I could definately tell today was a muscle building day. At the third interval my legs were tired and sore! I was thinking about walking but told myself no, I can do it and I was already almost halfway through. Then, after the fourth interval I was still very tired but the pain went away.

Amazingly, breathing was not an issue. This is completely opposite from when I started and any previous running attempts. Usually I feel like my legs can keep going but I can't breathe....of course, I didn't last long enough to tire out my legs, now I can.

I truly feel like I'm accomplishing something here! And I'm going to be sore tomorrow for sure.

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