13 Week Walk/Run Program - Week 5 - Repeated

Last week I repeated week 5 of the 13 week walk/run program. I was just starting week 8 when I got very sick and was down for two weeks healing. The only time I've been sicker was when I had pneumonia; and this was close. It was tough to decide where to start back up. It was suggested that if I had only missed a week, I might be able to pick up where I left off but after two or more, going back to a bit easier challenge would be best.

Week 7 and 8 consist of some 10 minute runs with 1 minute rests. Week 6 was 5 minute 1 minute intervals. I felt like this was a bit much, especially after how sick I was. I ended up going back to week 4 which was a "recovery" week. I'm glad I did. This way I've been able to sort of rebuild and get back on track.

I just finished week 5 for the second time and re-read my notes on that week; surprisingly, the results were almost identical. I'm interested in how week 6 will go.

My motivation isn't quite as strong as it was although I'm still plugging away at it. Repeating stuff I've already done doesn't excite me so much. I still enjoy being outside and the running time is my time but I'm still having a tough time with my diet.

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