Roller Coaster Ride aka Yo-Yo Dieting

My husband has an unusual job. Not unlike husbands who get deployed in the military, his job takes him away from home for months at a time and then he returns for an equal amount of time. To say the least, it is a very disruptive lifestyle.

When he's home, it's like he's on vacation and by extension, I tend to treat it that way too. We're celebrating him being home, we stay up too late, eat and drink too much and then when he leaves again, I find myself spending the next few months getting my diet back in check.

This time around my whole goal was just not to gain any weight while he was here. No going up means no coming down which means no roller coaster, no yo-yo.

Guess what?! I did it!!!

More proof that the low carb high fat diet is successful and sustainable. Even more so than using it to lose weight when he's gone. That's actually pretty easy. To be able to say that I didn't gain any weight while he's home is practically a miracle. 

We've been busy remodeling our house while he's home and that has kept us very busy but I have not been all. A couple of dog walks here and there but for the most part, its the diet that is keeping me at my goal weight.

So, needless to say, I'm sold on #lchf and plan to keep at it. It's been so much easier than counting calories. It's easier to recover from a cheat day, it has been providing me with other health benefits as I mention in this post, and it's not difficult to maintain when eating out.

I wish I could sell some of my family members on this idea. There are several who are obese and diabetic and I know this would change their lives but sadly, they are also very closed minded.

All I suggest is if you are truly looking to improve your health on all levels, give #lchf a try. It will probably take 30 days before you see any major differences and it may take longer than that to break some of your other bad habits but if you can stick with it, I know you will be pleased.

One of my favorite motivational resources is Steve Pavlina and he introduced me to the 30 Day Trial. I've used this method several times, sometime successfully, other times not. Sometimes for permanent changes, other times not. If you ever feel like you need a change, this is a good way to give it a solid try.



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