Coconut Oil! Where Have You Been All My Life!?!

I have thrown out my body lotion, face moisturizer, makeup remover, hand lotion, foot lotion, lip balm, Neosporin, and Vicks Vapo Rub, all of them, right in the trash...and I have replaced them all with Coconut Oil.

How did I not know about this before? I'm not even sure how I ran across it recently but I'm glad I did.

Even using the most natural beauty products you can find can't stack up to the pureness of Coconut Oil. One ingredient, that's it. It doesn't get much better than that.

I have noticed significant improvements in my skin, less dark spots, rough patches that are not there any more, softer skin, less acne. I burned myself and thought, why not? I put some Coconut Oil on it and the next day it was better. Vastly better. I also use it in my nasal passages. That's what I was doing with the Vicks, not so much for the mentholated aspect of it, mostly just to moisturize my sinuses, especially when sleeping. Did you know that stuff has petroleum products in it? Bleah!

In addition to rubbing it on my body and face all the time, I've been using it to cook with and adding it to my Bulletproof Cocoa when I need a snack.



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