Weekly Check In

I love when I try to talk myself out of running in the morning and I can't! That happened this morning and I'm really happy with myself over it. 5.51 miles this morning! Never thought I'd see that day in my life.

This last week I repeated week 6 of the 13 Week Walk/Run program. Actually, just two days of it; one day was lost to lack of sleep. When I get woken up 4 times by my husband's work, I get a little cranky so I decided to grab the zz's while I could.

In addition to the running, I participated in another circuit training class. I can tell I'm getting stronger because it's getting easier and I'm not as sore.

I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm actually down 2 pounds now. That's the best progress I've made in awhile. Two more and I can start a new goal!



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