Week In Review

This week I repeated week 5 of the 13 Week Walk/Run Program to ease back into it after a month long break while on vacation. I ran three times for a total of 11 miles, did yoga before bed one night, and I also did a one hour circuit training class for a total of 5 workouts this week! I'm pretty proud of that and the scale shows that I am down one pound! Only three more pounds to go for my current goal!

One of my observations from this week is that my sense of smell has been significantly more sensitive this week; especially on my runs. My appetite has been kind of out of control too, most likely from the increased activity. I've been trying to make good food choices to minimize the impact of my eating. Lots of fruit, lower calorie meals, etc. I've had a few dessert disasters though.

My motivation is high again; I'm determined to complete the 13 Week Walk/Run Program in full without further delays.



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