Consistency Is Key. Period.

I've said it before and I'm saying it again now; consistency is key.

One of the things I've just recently realized about myself is that I have a nasty habit of weight cycling. I get motivated, work had, change my habits, start feeling and looking good and then I gradually start slacking off, letting myself get lazy and it doesn't take long before I have to start all of it over again. It's been difficult to recognize because it's usually years in between cycles. While it's consistent in that it's a pattern, it's consistently a problem.

The main problem with this process is that getting motivated is the toughest part of the whole equation.

The good news is I've noticed that I don't let myself regain as much between cycles as in the past. My first weight loss journey was 27 pounds, more recently 17 pounds and this time I'm on task to lose 11 pounds in 11 weeks. (A healthy, reasonable goal.)

Once again, I've allowed all of my old issues to surface and I've got to get them back under control. My first step was to run my numbers and figure out what my daily calorie goal is going to be using this formula. Then I purchased a new food diary and I've got a copy of the CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter on order. I haven't recieved it yet but I can always go online and look things up at

My motivation is high and I'm going to reach my goal......again!



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