Starting Over - Yet Again

Persistence is the key. The fact that I am starting over, yet again for the million time is not a bad thing to me. The fact that I've gotten lazy and quit a million times is where my weakness lies. I've changed the focus of this blog from educational and encouraging to other people to more of a personal tracking diary; something to refer back to for inspiration and motivation for myself.

In January, I started the 13 Week Walk/Run Program which I should have technically completed in May. Along the way I got very ill, moved, and went on a month long vacation. So here it is August and I still haven't finished it. But, I haven't given up completely either. I'm still running at least once a week; I'm just kind of stuck. It's time for a kick in the pants.

The biggest setback I had of all so far was the vacation. I thought for sure I would be able to find time to go for a morning run no matter where I was, I packed my shoes and gym clothes and wrote down the program for the weeks that we would be gone. Good plan, it just didn't happen. We had too much fun eating out, staying up late and drinking draft beer (we can't get that here so it's a big deal) that I just couldn't drag myself out of bed and get it done.

Once we got back home, I wasn't sure where to start again. I missed an entire month! I was on week 9 when I quite but I opted to start back over at week 4, a recovery week. Unfortunately, I loaned out my book so I only had day 1 of week 4 written down but I do have this blog to refer back to for some of it. I've done day 1 of week 4 once a week for the last month now. I'm ready to move on.

Re-reading my old entries is motivating and so is the 4 pounds I put on on vacation. I've also started a circuit class to round out my program to go along with the random gym time I've been squeezing in maybe once or twice a week as of late.

It always feels so good for me to get back into it; I always wonder how I managed to get off track. When I look back on my life, more often than not, I'm active. I like to hike and kayak, Ive always liked the gym and weightlifting and even though I have to get up really early to do it....I like running.

My new goal is to lose those 4 pounds I gained on vacation and get back on track and complete the 13 Week Walk/Run program. I want to run in a 10k! There is one coming up in May so I'm hoping I can complete the program and start working on my speed so that I can be an actual contender this year. After the 4 pounds are gone, I'll start working on the other 15 I've gained since I got married. 5 at a time, 5 at a time!



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