Weekly Check-In

This week I did much better with my calorie goal. I had a couple of high days where we attended a party one night and had friends over for dinner another. I let myself go a little on those nights, consciously.

The running program is starting to get quite challenging. My legs were so sore yesterday. I am grateful for the two days off this weekend. The running seems to be helping my varicose veins. I have a spot on the side of my thigh where they get kinda ugly and they have minimized significantly.

While I am having a terrible time getting the scale to show any progress, I did take my body measurements again and I've lost a full inch off my waist. I could tell my shorts/pants were sitting a little lower but my rear end and thighs haven't changed yet. You know, that's not 100% true. My rear end is firmer. I noticed that when I was climbing the stairs earlier today; it doesn't jiggle quite as much.

I know it's not an overnight thing and I am seeing a few small improvements but I've been at this for almost 8 weeks now. Oh well. As long as I don't get any bigger I won't complain too much. In fact, if I remember right the first time I tried to lose weight it was about two months before I really started seeing serious progress. I imagine this is different for everyone.

So, I'll keep plugging away at it. Hopefully you will too and maybe something in my experiences will be helpful to you.

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