Time To Re-evaluate

Every so often, you need to re-evaluate your weight loss plan. Take a look at what you've been doing or not doing and what's working or not working for you. Of course, this only works if you've been documenting everything. For me, it's time to do that.

My scale died last week, not even a new battery would convince it to work and I had been wondering if it was reading properly for the last two months since according to it, my weight was fluctuating as much as three pounds every other day. Since I'm switching to a new scale, I've decided to start my weight tracking over again.

Sometimes for me, demotivation is just the motivation I need. This weekend, we attended a party and I had to go buy a new dress because I don't fit into anything I currently own. This was the final straw. I have a lot of clothes I'm not comfortable in right now and I want to wear them again.

I know by looking at my food diary that I have been lax in keeping my calories under control. My main source of empty calories comes from alcohol. I swear, every day is a party around here; it's either a barbecue with friends or an organized social event or just a private dinner with my husband but everything seems to involve alcohol. This will have to change.

I've just started my sixth week of learning to run, I'm looking forward to the increased calorie burning as I get better and my endurance increases. I plan to start getting back into the gym for weight lifting again. That was always my favorite workout. Paired with the running I'm sure I will see some increased progress soon.

So, with renewed motivation and determination, I've started my 16 week weight loss goal over again. Consistency is key!

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