Back From The Dead


After two weeks of suffering from some sort of upper respiratory infection, I'm back to good health and I went running again for the first time in two weeks. Any other sickness and I would have been back at it sooner but running and breathing kind of go hand in hand so I had to wait until I was fully healed before attempting it.

It felt so good!

When I stopped, I was just starting the 8th week of The 13-Week Walk-Run Program. The intervals had gotten to 10 minute runs with one minute walks and they were kicking my butt! I'm not sure if I was getting sick already and these did me in or if these wore me down and I got sick but it was a bad combo. During week 7 I was getting very light-headed, extremely tired and run down and even feeling nauseous.

Deciding where to pick up after such a long break was kind of challenging. I wasn't sure how much progress would be lost and I was nervous of over doing it to soon. I ended up starting back on week 4. This was the last recovery week before I stopped and since the 7th week was so rough on me I figured it couldn't hurt to go back and build back up to it again.

As I've said before, consistancy is the key. And, as you can see, I'm starting over.......again. Even though I've had setbacks; my scale dying, getting sick, whatever other excuses I can think of; I keep at it. While I'm not seeing any weight loss results so far and my clothes are still tight, there is one thing I am doing (or not doing as the case may be)....I'm not gaining any weight. That counts for something!

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