Finding The Right Equipment

What I would really like, is a watch that does interval settings, timer, countdown timer, GPS, alarm clock, pace tracker, has a choice between beep and vibrate indicators and will keep track of your workouts. Heart rate monitor isn't that important to me but maybe one day it will be.

In my searching, the best quote I've found so far is this: "So you’re looking for the best sports watch you can find. But you find that choosing the right running watch is no easy task. The best sports watches these days are complex, feature packed wrist-watch-computers and it’s not always easy separating the performers from the pretenders". Thank you Sports Watch Informant, you are absolutely right.

I'm running into difficulties gathering information. I've searched review sites, running sites, etc. There is information out there, don't get me wrong...just not a lot of details. Let me just say the "compare" feature on most websites, leaves a lot to be desired. I usually don't have too much trouble finding what I want on the internet....It is my only option for shopping here. I think the difference here is that I'm looking for a very complicated item. It's not like shopping for shoes, although those can be complicated too.

At this very moment, I'm looking to for more information in the Garmin Forerunner 305. My main problem with the reviews I've been finding is I can't get any confirmation on the interval feature. Extremely important in the training I'm doing now.

Please, if you have any experience in this area, I would appreciate the help!

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