13 Week Walk/Run Program - Week 3 - Day 2

Today's Objective: Run 2 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Do this 9 times.

Have you ever had those days when you just don't want to get out of bed to exercise? You lay there thinking of all the excuses you can, you're comfortable, you're tired, it's cold out....

This morning when my alarm went off, I woke up comfortably sandwiched between my husband and cat and started thinking of reasons to just stay there and go back to sleep. I tried talking myself into staying but I couldn't! I got up and ran. I wanted to. I was very pleased with myself for this. (I did linger just a couple extra minutes to bask in the snuggliness of the moment.)

I thought today would be relatively easy, especially after the last training day but it was not. I was a little stiff this morning, it took a few intervals to loosen up even though I walked and stretched to warm up this morning. I also had the extra challenge of 25 MPH winds and slight rain delay half way through.

Only one more day remaining this week. I don't quite understand it but I am loving this. I'm still not very good, I'm slow and get pretty tired, but it feels good and I'm motivated to do it which is huge.

So, when are you going to try it?

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