13 Week Walk/Run Program - Week 3 - Day 1

Today's objective: Run 3 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Do this 10 times.

I'm getting better at this. Today was the longest, hardest day so far and I made it. I was very tired when I was done but not insanely out of breath like I have been in the past and I was still moving, albeit slowly at the end. Truly I was glad when it was over, I won't lie.

The intervals are what make it possible for me. Having the timer counting down to my next walk interval is what I use to keep going. My brain says, "I'm tired" but then I tell myself, "less than three minutes, less than two minutes, only a few more seconds to go", and I make it!

I can tell that I am stronger than when I started and I'm sure by following this program that I will succeed. I''m looking forward to scheduling my first 10k run after it's over.

I hope by sharing this experience with others that someone else will feel motivated or compelled to give this program a try.

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