Week 3 In Review

I have to say I'm completely surprised I was able to drop yet another pound but I think I may know what's going on. When I did my initial calorie calculation, I (purposely) underestimated my activity levels. I ride my bike to work everyday and I did not figure that into the equation so that I would see more results. I forgot that I did this though.

I've significantly reduced my breakfast and lunch calories but I'm having some real difficulty keeping my dinner calories under control. This is going to have to be my new focus for the next few weeks. I think what I'm going to have to do is be more proactive about menu planning. Right now it's kind of casual, dig out whatever is in the fridge, grab a sandwich on the way home....maybe if I actually plan out a menu, it will be easier to stick to my goals.

The main problem with menu planning here is it can be difficult due to our limited and random stock in the store. Yes, I said store. We only have one. That's another story though. It will be difficult but I'll give it a try!

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