13 Week Walk/Run Program - Week 1 - Day 3

Today's objective: Run 1 minute. Walk 2 minutes. Do this 11 times.

It was a beautiful morning to be outside here today. At 5:15am it is still quite dark, but this morning the moon was big and bright and the surf was pounding extra hard because of all the strong wind we've been having.

I've completed the first week of the walk/run program and I'm still very excited about it and today I made huge gains. I changed my breathing this morning focusing mainly on breathing with my diaphragm and it made a huge difference. Not only was I able to recover quicker on the walk intervals but my neck and shoulders weren't as tight as on previous days. The better breathing made the whole thing less difficult in general. Unlike the first two days, I wasn't counting the seconds until each run interval was over.

I mentioned that previous attempts to run resulted in knee pain for me. I am not experiencing that this time. In fact, I'm seeing improved results with my regular walking habits. Until last week me feet had a tendency to roll out to the sides and I always walked up stairs on my tip toes. Paying more attention to the placement of my feet when running and strengthening my legs seems to have improved my stance. I walk on my whole foot now, not just the edges. That's pretty impressive for one short week.

So far this program has my thumbs up. Next week will be big as the run intervals increase to two minutes! I know this sounds silly but having no running experience makes this a big deal for me.

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