Know Before You Go

As I mentioned in previous posts, the more planning you can do ahead of time and the more informed you are when making food choices, the less damage you will unwittingly inflict on your weight loss program.

Going out to restaurants is part of most people's lives. Just because you are on calorie restrictive diet doesn't mean you can't go out anymore, you just need to be careful in your choices when you get there.

CalorieKing has created an online resource focused on educating you a bit before you go so you know which types of food to seek out and which to avoid based on the type of resaurant you are visiting. IE: going out for chinese? Stay away from the fried rice and get the steamed rice instead.

Another invaluable tool for making decisions away from home is the The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter also by CalorieKing. It fits in your glovebox or purse and can make all the difference in a good decision or a bad decision when eating out.

Try the Calorie Counter at



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