Choosing a Gym

When I decided to start going to the gym again, I wanted to make sure to choose one that I would want to go to, not have to go to. There are quite a few factors to think about when choosing a gym; they are not all the same.

Some things to consider:

  • Location
  • Equipment (quantity and selection)
  • Classes (variety and schedules)
  • Hours of operation
  • Ambiance
  • Shower availability
About the time I started looking, I think at least 6 new gyms had just opened in addition to the 3 old original gyms that have been the only choices for years. I actually visited at least 5 when I was looking, some of them all I had to do was walk in the front door, walk around and walk out. Others I actually talked to someone, got a trial and gave it a go.

There is one gym in town that about three-quarters of my gym going friends have memberships at and I really wanted to go there too so I could meet up with them and work out sometimes.....unfortunately, I could never get comfortable there. I went three times to try and give it a fair shot and I really can't put my finger on why I didn't like it. I joke that it must have been built on an ancient indian burial ground because I could never come up with a valid reason but nope...couldn't do it.

Being open 24 hours wasn't really that important to me but it was a nice option. I live in a pretty small town, I can get from one end to the other in roughly 20 minutes (in a car) so location wasn't that important either. Classes that I like and fit my schedule are always a bonus but still not one of my main motivators.

I ended up at one of the newest gyms in town...they weren't even finished building it when I joined. Things kept showing up for the next couple of months, clocks on the wall, benches in the locker room, the electronic check in system, stuff like that. I'm happy with my choice, unfortunately it's become very popular and it's almost busier than I would like but I'll be moving away next month so I can put up with it for a few more weeks. Normally I would have to go through this whole process again in my new location but I'm not really going to have a choice where I'm going.

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