Seemingly Inconsequential Rewards

There are a couple of rewards from losing weight that I never consciously expected but thoroughly enjoy. They go along with my post You never know what you've got 'til its gone. I wasn't really even aware of these things at the time but now that I've experienced them they could be goals in and of themselves for me in the future.

No more jiggly belly:
When you are heavy, everything jiggles, and you get used to it. Your middle jiggles, your back jiggles, everything jiggles. It just seems like the way it is. I remember the first time I was aware that I didn't jiggle. I was out for a walk when it hit me; it felt great! It's a very satisfying feeling and one that I want to continue so I think about it when I'm being careless with my calorie intake.

Clothes are no longer torture:
Another thing that I didn't realize I was doing until I stopped was coming home from work and immediately changing into something more comfortable. The whole day was spend with my waistband of my pants digging into my stomach or dealing with tight shirts or "gapiosis" where there is a peekhole between the buttons of your shirt where its pulled too tight. Everyday I would get home and head straight to my closet to put on my sweats.

After working hard to lose quite a few pounds, I remember coming home a few times and getting involved in other things like checking the mail, sitting down to check my email, heading to the kitchen to make dinner, everything but trying to immediately escape my "work" clothes, I felt like I had really accomplished something.

How about you? Are there any small rewards you weren't expecting with weight loss, or any specific goals similar to theses that you are aiming for?

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