No Progress Lost = Success!

This last week we drove a total of 1360 miles to see family for the holiday. We had a very nice time, enjoyed lots of games and good company and way too much good food. This kind of traveling really throws me off. My schedule is off, I'm in an unfamiliar environment, it's very disruptive. I didn't exercise the whole week. My intentions were good and I guess I did do a fair amount of walking but no gym time, I was very happy to get back at it today.

My intentions this morning were to do a repeat of my last workout rather than trying to progress but I was feeling very strong (and pent up) today and I managed to increase weight on all of my exercises and I even did quite a few more than what is outlined in the program.

I know a week isn't a lot of time but I really anticipated some loss of performance from not keeping on top of it. If I had stayed on plan I would be lifting 15 pounds more than my current level but I consider not backsliding an acceptable success.

Does anyone have any experience with how much time it takes before you start to regress? Not that I want to try it, I'm just curious.



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