Hydration is Hard to Maintain When Traveling

I find that the number one thing I slack off on when traveling is my water intake. In an unfamiliar environment or extended time trapped in a vehicle make drinking water less of a priority because I may find myself a long way from a bathroom when I need it. It's kind of a lame issue but I find that it happens repeatedly.

Typically I carry Nalgene bottle with me everywhere I go; work, meetings, the gym, around the house, everywhere. I like it because it's portable, convenient and I can see exactly how much water I'm actually drinking because of the measurement scale on the side. I shoot to drink two per day which equals the recommended 8 8oz glasses guideline. There is a lot of controversy over that amount but it's more than I take in when I'm not trying so it's a good goal number for me.

Water affects how much you weigh. If you chug down a big container of water and hop on the scale, you will weigh more until your body processes it and eliminates it. If you are dehydrated, you are going to weigh less than when your body is adequately hydrated. One way to know that your weight fluctuation isn't because of water retention or dehydration is to keep your intake consistent.

I'm happy to be home again, back in routine with access to my filtered water and where I know exactly where the bathrooms are.

Does anyone out there have any tips to offer on keeping hydrated while traveling...or do you just go with it and get back to you routine as quickly as you can?



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