Life is Tough. That’s a Fact.

I have been searching for a new training program to folow. Something that will produce some very visible results. Something not quite so half assed as I've currently been doing.

I found the Stronglifts 5 x 5 program and I'm reading through the eBook that I downloaded and I found this:

"Somewhere along the line people have been fooled into believing that life is to be easy. I often work 12+ hour days, and there are weeks when I work 7 days. I perform my own workout at the crack of dawn. Do I enjoy waking up at 4AM? Not really, but I get it done. I have a wife and son, with another on the way next month. I also have dogs, house work, work in the yard, etc. I’m beyond busy. Oh well, that’s life. I won’t cry about it and feel bad for myself. I won’t rush to the local fast food restaurant. I cook much of my food ahead of time. I make time. I find a way. Most people aren’t trying to make time. They aren’t making an effort.

We need to stop making excuses for others. People need to stop feeling bad for themselves. Life is tough. That’s a fact. There are good times and bad times. There are action takers and action fakers. There are ultra busy professionals who make time for fitness, while others don’t. We all have options, and we all make our own decisions. If someone has made poor decisions, I won’t sugarcoat it and console them with more excuses."
- Ross Enamait

I agree with this...but I like harsh and to the point....I dislike sugar coating.

The part about making the time is so true, it's exactly why I started getting up at 5am as opposed to 7am; to give me more time in the day.



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