Day 21 - 30 Day Trial - Vegetarian

Exercise: not today

1 slice pumpkin bread 180 calories

1 slice pumpkin bread 180 calories

1 slice pumpkin bread 180 calories
1 large banana 110

1 slice garlic cheese bread 380 calories

1 Twix bar 289 calories
16 Whole wheat Wheat Thins 150 calories
2 oz colby jack cheese 240


Net calories for the day: 1799 (36 under goal)

Here is my nutritional breakdown for today:
Click for larger image
Notes/observations for the day:
Wow, this was pretty much a health disaster day. I stayed under calorie which means I won't gain any weight but pretty much all I ate all day was bread. Fortunately pumpkin bread has quite a few vitamins but still. I need to quit this. My weekends are a little too unstructured it seems.



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