Walk a Mile in My Shoes

There is a woman who is frequently at the gym during the time that I am there and we tend to cross paths in the locker room. Somehow I've gotten on her radar and I've overheard her talking about me a couple of times.

The first time was to her daughter that she drags to the gym so she doesn't have to go alone.....I was walking by (to or from the shower) and she made the comment "It must be nice to have been born a size three". I had no idea she was talking about me at the time as 1. I'm not a size three and 2. I wasn't born thin, I've had to work at it (I'm at the gym for cryin' out loud).

What tipped me off that the above comment was about me was a second comment that I know was about me. I will admit my shower/get ready routine is simple. I like it that way. I shower, dry my hair (when I remember my hairdryer) put it up, get dressed and go. I don't wear makeup, I never have and I don't have the patience to mess with my hair. Well Ms. can't-mind-her-own-business says to the only other person in the room "It must be nice, to get ready so easily...no makeup or anything." I really wanted to go over and say something smart but as always, I never think of anything good until hours later when no one is around. Something along the lines of "if you weren't so vain you could do it too".

Needless to say, this put her on my radar so now I'm paying more attention when she's around and this is what I've noticed......her workout consists of a 5 minute stroll on the treadmill and then I think the rest of the time she just wanders around the gym, occasionally stopping at a machine and watching her daughter or maybe giving about 5 pumps or so and moving on. She literally spends more time in the locker room showering and doing her makeup than she does working out. Ummm, I'm not sure it works that way.

It made me want to confront her and tell her if she put a little more effort into it (she's not even giving it a half assed effort!) that she might see some results. It made me want her to do my workout. Which led to my wondering if someone shadowed me and ate what I ate and followed my workouts and in general lived my life, would they lose weight? If I did the same with an overweight person, would I gain weight again? My first guess is yes because I think the formula for weight gain and/or loss is pretty clearcut, calories in vs. calories out = your weight.

So before you go around thinking that the skinny b*tch doesn't have to try, think again. There are those of us who have worked very hard, for many years to earn the right to be skinny again. My advice is to take that jealousy and use it to fuel your workouts and make you think twice about what you are putting in your mouth.



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