Update on New Workout Program

I am very excited about my new exercise program. I feel stronger already.

As a reminder, I started the Stronglifts 5x5 program on November 12th. This is a progressive strength training program (not bodybuilding). There is a difference and I have no desire to get big and bulky. My goal is to increase strength and get toned. Right now I'm kind of soft.

So far what I love about this program is that I actually look forward to going to the gym! I haven't missed a workout since I started it. Before this I was going anywhere from one to three times a week, very inconsistently. Now, three times a week faithfully. I also already feel stronger. No...I know I am stronger. I can see results because I'm keeping a log and my numbers are increasing. That's fun to me! As an added bonus, my little everyday aches and pains are gone.

There are a lot of people out there that mistakenly think any amount of weightlifting is going to make them look like this:
Bodybuilding Results
People who look like this spend their lives working to get to this level. They push themselves beyond normal levels, they eat food and take supplements to get here and there is no way you or I are going to look like this with our half assed attempts at fitness.
Most likely someone who isn't specifically going for the bulky look is going to see results like this:
Strength Training Results
Eventually I will post my own before and after pictures so I can prove this point. I'm not quite ready to reveal my pasty carcass to the internet world.

In addition to working on my strength, I have been focusing on flexibility. On my off days, I usually stretch. In fact for the first couple of days I had to stretch because I was so sore! After about the third workout, I stopped being so sore that I cried out every time I went to sit down. Now I am aware of and can feel my muscles but they don't hurt.

I love being excited about my program. I encourage you to find something that gets you this inspired and determined...heck give the Stronglifts 5x5 program a try. If you don't like it, you can always find something else. If you do like it, let us know. From everything I've read, anyone in any shape can do the program, you just have to modify it to fit your current level of fitness.

Thanksgiving is coming up and we are going to be traveling so I'm going to have to modify my workout a bit but I'm not too worried. I know that I will be excited to get back on track once I return so even if I can't do anything but the body weight exercises while I'm gone I'll be making progress again soon!



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