Keeping it Together During the Holidays

I found a great list of tips for surviving the holidays on

  • Reduce or avoid alcohol. This can save you a lot of calories.

  • Eat before going to a holiday party. You'll be less likely to fill up on sweets and high-calorie appetizers.

  • Keep up your exercise program. It will help you maintain your weight, give you more energy and allow you to deal better with holiday stress.

  • Bring fat-free or low-fat dishes to potluck parties. Encourage others to do the same.

  • Arrive at mealtime for a dinner party and avoid before-dinner drinks and appetizers.

  • Replace sweets with healthy holiday snacks such as fruit baskets and nuts in shells. They look just as festive and are healthier.

  • Attend only the parties you really want to go to. You'll save a lot of calories - and time.

  • Simplify the meal if you are cooking. Serve raw vegetables with a dip for an appetizer, a low-fat main course with one or two vegetables, and a fruit and low-fat cheese platter for dessert.

  • Set realistic goals. At a holiday dinner or party, indulge in some goodies, but eat smaller portions. Have only one glass of wine or Champagne. Take half a slice of pie.

  • Avoid skipping meals before a big holiday meal. You don't want to arrive starving and then gorge yourself on sweets and other unhealthy fare.

  • Use moderation and relax. If you break down and eat a high-fat dessert, just go easy on what you have the rest of the day or cut back a few calories tomorrow.

  • Drink lots of water

The one that helps me out the most, whether it's a holiday party, traveling or just hanging out with friends is to bring my own. I have a little cooler I put my zero calorie drinks in and some fruits and veggies or other low calorie snack to munch on. Sometimes I'll slip these items in the fridge or just keep the cooler somewhere non-obvious and get into it as necessary.

99% of the time, no one asks me about what I have or where I got it. I don't make it obvious that I have something different than everyone else. If it's a drink I can put it in a glass, sometimes I even put my drinks in a wine glass to blend into the party more. These tricks have helped me a ton during my weight loss journey. I hope they help you too!



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