5 to 7 Meals a Day

This is a practice that many people advocate but I think it's a bit misleading.

While you do eat 5 to 7 times a day....they are not full meals. I made a comment to lady once that I eat all day long. I could see the skeptic look in her eye but it's true. Here is an example of my daily eating plan:

Breakfast (around 9 or 10 am):
1 pkt instant oatmeal and a piece of fruit or
a fat-free yogurt a hard boiled egg and a piece of fruit

Snack (between 10:30 and 11:30):
a piece of fruit or some veggies

Lunch (between noon and 1pm):
Frozen burrito or leftovers from dinner
a can of soup or a 6 inch Subway sandwich

Snack (any time after lunch and before I go home at 5pm) :
rice crackers or piece of fruit or veggies or sugar free pudding

Dinner (usually before 7pm):
this is usually my biggest meal and most often, I do not eat again afterward.

After dinner:
A cup of tea usually keeps me from snacking, or a zero calorie Hansen's diet soda can help curb my sweet tooth with no negative effects.

As you can see, that's only 5 maybe 6 times, I don't know if I could really eat 7 times in a day...sometimes, if I work late or something but these are not full meals. Also, I am able to eat a smaller lunch when I snack before and after and it helps me get my fruit and vegetable quota in as well.

By keeping track of my calorie intake and sticking to a calculated goal, it doesn't matter how many times I eat, once or 7 times, the calories are all that really matter. Putting a little something in your stomach more often during the course of the day keeps you from feeling hungry though.



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