The 80/20 Rule as it Applies to Weight Loss

Someone once told me that weight loss was 80% controlling your food intake and eating right and 20% exercise. I was very skeptical of this, I really thought that more of it would be exercise.

I don't actually have any hard data, (well I do but I'm not going to get around to calculating it all out and giving you a spreadsheet to prove it) but I can tell you from looking at my personal food and exercise diary for the last couple of years that this is quite true.

Figuring out my daily calorie goal and keeping track of my calorie intake and expenditure was the first thing I started doing; fitting exercise into my life and making it routine took a lot longer. I still only burn about 150 calories per workout and I still manage to lose weight. To me this further proves the calories in minus calories out = your weight theory.

In fact, as far as exercise goes, I don't think it's all that important in weight loss per se but it is vital in making your body look better and feel better and for increasing your overall health and wellness. It can certainly accelerate your weight loss goals when used in conjunction with calorie control but you'd be hard pressed to lose weight if you exercised but didn't control your calorie intake. Truly the best approach is to employ both exercise AND calorie control together.

Just remember you will do more damage to your weight loss routine by taking in an extra 1000 calories as opposed to putting off your 200 calorie exercise routine.



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