When I was mainly counting calories as my weight control regimen, there were 3 foods that I had absolutely no problem avoiding because they were waaay to costly in the amount of calories they had:

  • Pizza - 300 calories a slice and it takes a minimum of two pieces to stop my hunger. That's half of my daily allotted calories in one meal!
  • Cheesecake - Just no. About 1000 calories for a decent sized slice.
  • Doughnuts - Calorie count varies depending on the doughnut but it's high and no doughnut I've ever eaten has ever stopped me from being hungry. 
Now that I'm low carb, high fat, I don't eat them because they are sugar. And sugar is poison.

Walking through the grocery store, I now consider 99% of what's on the shelves as "not food" since the majority of anything that comes in a box or a bag contains sugar or carbs (which are the same thing). I find myself seeing advertisements for fast food meals that are "only $5" and saying to myself, "Not food!" If it's that cheap, it can't be real food.

I find that once I'm able to demonize a food, I'm able to not want it any more which makes avoiding it easy and weight loss easier than fighting the cravings.

Do some research on the bad aspects of whatever your weakness foods are and you just may be able to convince yourself how terrible it is and not even want it anymore.

Avoidance is way easier than self control!



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