Death Wish

Sugar, and by default, carbs, are killing us. Very, very, very, slowly but insidiously. So slowly that it's easy to pretend that they aren't the culprit. But, once you hear this information, once you know that there are studies that support this idea; if you hear this and don't take action to lower your sugar/carb intake, then I feel you have opted for suicide.

Type 2 diabetes is preventable, and reversible. It is not inevitable and I don't really think it's genetic. It's more a matter of inheriting the behaviors that cause it. (Please note, I am not a Doctor, these are my opinions based on my personal experience). There is a high rate of diabetes, obesity, and other types of disease in my family. I however live very differently than they do and I do not have any of these same disorders and I don't intend to get them, you don't have to either.

In summary as related by the Diet Doctor:

  1. Don’t put sugar in
  2. Burn it off
So, knowing that there is a course of action that you can take to prevent or reverse diabetes as well as other diseases and all you really have to do (simplified version) is eliminate sugar and starches from your diet...the next time you stick a doughnut in your mouth, what you are really saying is, I don't care about my health, and that the doughnut is better than living a disease free life.

You can't play ostrich with your health, it will catch up to you.



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