Have Faith In Yourself

My best advise? Trust yourself.

I was reading a blog the other day that posted a recipe. A. very. simple. recipe.

One of the readers asked a question about adding an ingredient or substituting one and whether it was ok. I'm sorry but, really? You can't just try it and see if it works? Or decide for yourself that it sounds better that way?

Another story I overheard...a nurse's son went to a Dr. for back pain, he was told to put ice on it, no heat. It didn't make it better so he went to a different Dr. (kudos for that) and that Dr. said heat, not ice. You paid a Dr. to tell you that?

What it made me realize though is this is why Western Medicine is the cash cow that it is today. We've been convinced that we can't possibly know more than the "professionals" and many have lost the ability to make decisions for themselves.

I mean, what if they told you to stand on your head for an hour a day to fix your bowel problems.? Would you just do it? Would you question it?

I guess I'm just a natural rebel because I would have tried the ice/heat thing on my own before going back to a Dr.

To be honest, I have to be pretty hurt or pretty sick to go in the first place but I find more often than not, doctors don't tell me anything I don't already know. And I'm very pill adverse so I pretty much have to be dying (exaggeration) before I'll agree to a prescription. I had surgery once and never took any of the pain pills they gave me, and I only asked for half of what they prescribed!

I'm not advocating never going to the Dr. and/or not listening to the advice they do give but it's your body. You know it better than they do.  Don't just blindly accept their word as gospel.

Trust yourself!



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