Hangry No More

I used to get hypoglycemic bad. Unofficially anyway, I've never actually checked my blood-glucose levels so scientifically, I don't know for sure. Behaviorally though; definitely.

Everyone has seen the commercials for Snickers and Jack Link's Jerky about this. Being too hungry can change you

One of the best side affects from my experiments with LCHF has been not having those wild mood swings and "I have to eat NOW!" moments.

On multiple occasions recently while traveling for work, I was stranded without food for up to 18 hours (twice, it was a bad trip) and while I was certainly hungry, I wasn't out of control like in the past which kept me from doing something stupid like cram a Snickers down my throat.

It's funny to me because on the The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) website, under causes of Hypoglycemia they have listed "Not eating enough carbohydrates" 😆 LOL!

I'd argue that that is exactly the problem. When carbohydrates are your main source of fuel, your body uses it up quite rapidly and you need more (and more, and more). Now that I am fat adapted, I can use my stores when I'm deprived instead of sending my body into a panic wondering where it's next meal is going to come from.

It's a nice place to be.



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