Week 2 In Review

As you may have noticed, I did not reach my weight loss calorie goal once this week. I got closer a couple of times and I blame the really high calorie days on being on vacation. I can only imagine the damage I would have done if I hadn't actually been trying to keep my calorie intake under control.

As it stands, I'm down one pound from my original weight; up two from last week’s measurement. I didn't trust that second number anyway so this is not a surprise to me. What is a surprise is that I'm down any at all. I've been over or at my maintenance goal both weeks so technically, I should have remained the same or gained weight. All I can guess is that I'm taking in so many calories less then I was that it's creating a deficiency somewhere.

This coming week I start implementing exercise and I've had two weeks to get used to reducing my calorie intake so I expect much better results from here on out.

The remaining 13 weeks I will be following the 13 week walk/run program in the The Beginning Runner's Handbook. I read the entire book while I was home sick a few days ago and I'm excited to get started. I've never been a runner but supposedly at the end of the 13 weeks, I should be able to run a 10k!

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