Too Sick To Eat

My recent travels have left me ill. More than 12 hours on a plane breathing recycled air and several hours on the public bus system have taken their toll. My head is alternately clogged and draining, my throat is so sore the only thing I want to swallow is cold water, and I am; tons of it. Nothing sounds good to eat.

This situation reminded me of a blog entry I read by Dead Rooster called I Lost 5 Pounds on the Near-Death Flu Diet!. I'm not nearly in that situation but I know someone who was recently after visiting a Micronesian island and drinking the water there.

I'll post again when I am feeling better. I've got a weigh in and a weekly report coming up in a couple of days. The book I ordered on running came in and I'm inspired to get started, as soon as I feel better.

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