Product Review - Hormel® Compleats® *Updated*

For lunch today I had Hormel® Compleats® Beef Steak Tips which consists of rib tips with mashed potatoes and gravy. There are 33 different varieties of Compleats® but I only have 3 different kinds available to me here on the island. All of them consist of 10 oz portions and run anywhere from 200 calories to 390; most of them are in the 210-290 range though.

Ill be the first to admit that there are healthier, fresher choices out there than prepackaged meals like this, but sometimes this is all you have time for. They are very convenient, no refrigeration is necessary and they cook right in the container they come in. I have to say, the are quite filling as well. For the number of calories, you get a decent amount of food. Add a piece of fruit or some carrot sticks on the side and you've got a well rounded lunch or dinner and a reasonable number of calories.

It's a lot like canned soup as far as the taste goes, I haven't tried them all obviously but the Beef Steak Tips wasn't bad. The potatoes were a tad dry but I ended up mixing it all together which helped. For the price ($1.49 here) and the convenience and the calories I'm not going to complain. Besides, it's not much different than the chow hall food we get here, but at least this is portion controlled.

According to their website:
Hormel® Compleats® are satisfying meals that feature quality chicken, beef or turkey as well as flavorful vegetables and pasta, potatoes or rice.

I give them a thumbs up!

1/12/10 - I just had to add this in case some of you thought my review was a bit off the mark. I still feel that the Compleats® are a great value for their fullness factor and the low calories is a plus. However, I just had the Chicken Breast With Gravy and I was not impressed. It needed salt at the very least. Granted it only has 200 calories and we all know calories taste good but this was just passable for palatable. I will continue to try the different varieties as they become available just to see but I would recommend skipping the Chicken Breast and Gravy if you haven't already tried it.

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