13 Week Walk/Run Program - Week 1 - Day 2

Today's objective: Run 1 minute. Walk 2 minutes. Do this 9 times.

I can really feel my leg muscles today. I live on the third floor of my building and after running this morning, showering and getting ready, I was surprised at how tender I was heading down the stairs for work.

Today was a shorter day than the first and I was glad! At this moment I can hardly imagine running for two minutes straight. The longest I've ever run at one time was 15 minutes. But that was after building up for awhile and on a treadmill that does half the work for you.

I'm excited to get stronger and better at this! Breathing is probably the biggest concern I have at the moment. Learning to breath right must take some practice, that's usually where I start to fail first. When I was in junior high I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma after nearly passing out trying to run a mile. I personally thing that translates to "out of shape" so I'm determined to make this running thing work.

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