I've Been Slacking on my Posting But Not on my Program

A whole month since my last post....I always hate when I run across these types of posts on blogs. It usually means the poster is a slacker and the blog will be gone soon if it isn't already. You have to admit..I was a pretty heavy poster until I got to the island.

Not much changes here on a daily basis and keeping track of my calories so I don't gain weight has been my main objective since I've been here. I am very happy that I have not gained at all since I've been here. For one reason, because I think it proves that the method I use works. Counting calories.

Sometimes it sounds overly simple but it's not, especially in the beginning. Going from eating way too many calories to your recommended amount for losing weight can be a big jump and hard to tackle all at once.

I subscribe to MSN's Health and Fitness newsletter and sometimes they have some great articles. This week's article is called 78 Ways to Cut 100 Calories.

Truly, every little thing you can do to cut back helps. Baby steps, little at a time is great and will eventually produce results. It takes diligence and persistence more than discipline and strictness. And making small changes and building on them over time will get you there too. How fast it happens is usually what encourages or discourages people but just keep at it and you'll get there!

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