Day 15 - 30 Day Trial - Vegetarian

Exercise: not today

1 packet oats and flax organic oatmeal 200

1 lg banana 110
1 Yoplait yogurt light 100

Pita sandwich w/ sprouts, tomato, black olives, hummus and avocado 312 calories
1 Hansen's diet soda black cherry 0

3 Avocado tacos 453 calories
1 Hansen's diet soda tangerine lime 0

2 spice cake cupcakes w/ whipped cream cheese frosting 449


Net calories for the day: 1624 (211 under goal)

Here is my nutritional breakdown for today:
Click for larger image
Notes/observations for the day:
Not enough water today. I voted today!

I have no idea what I did to my knee but it hurts! All the time now. Before I went on vacation in September, I had it checked out. It never hurt before, it just made this crunching noise. I was going on a two week hiking, biking, sea-kayaking trip in Peru and didn't want anything bad to happen, so I had it looked at. No big deal, slight cartilage wear he said. Take some glucosamine and don't worry about it.

Well now as of the last few weeks, it friggen hurts almost all the time and sometimes to the point of tears! The only thing I've done differently is run a couple of times. Only two or three times and only 10 minutes max and the last time was two weeks ago. It didn't hurt when I ran, I can't imagine my form is THAT bad.

I've made an appointment with my orthopedic doctor but I can't get in until December 12th! I may have to try and see someone else. I have never experienced pain like this.



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