Day 16 - 30 Day Trial - Vegetarian

Exercise: not today (see notes below)

Banana soy smoothie 440 calories

1 Gala apple 80 calories

6" Subway veggie sandwich on wheat w/ cheddar cheese and honey mustard sauce 320 calories

16oz nonfat mocha 220 calories

1 c. basamati rice 241 calories
1 c. stir fried vegetables 278
1 Hansen's diet soda tangerine lime 0

1 spice cake cupcake w/ whipped cream cheese frosting 250 calories


Net calories for the day: 1829 (6 calories under)

Here is my nutritional breakdown for today:

Notes/observations for the day:
I decided it would be best if I didn't go to the gym today because my knee hurt so bad. It was apparently a good decision as it is no longer throbbing or hurting like it was so I will go tomorrow and see how it goes. No running though. That's the only thing I've been doing differently since it started hurting so I'm not going to run and we'll see what happens.

This was my most nutritious, healthy day so if I could just eat like this every day.



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