It coaches. It motivates. It entertains.

It's funny; today I got this email about the new eSpinner from Star Trac. It's funny because just yesterday I posted about a handful of other digital gadgets I never knew existed and now I get this.
New eSpinner
"The eSpinner™ is more than an intuitive dashboard—it’s also home to your very own virtual Spinning® Master Instructor. When you can’t make it to class simply choose your time and intensity level and you’re off to a guided, virtual Spinning class experience. From first time riders eager to try the Spinning program to cycling enthusiasts and weekend warriors looking to cross train—it’s the Spinning program on your terms. "

If you've never tried Spinning, it's pretty fun. The best thing about it is you can go your own pace, set your own resistance and everyone, beginners, professionals everyone can ride together and have a great time. And like this ad says, with this bike, if you can't fit the classes into your schedule, you can follow your own, interactive program at home when you do have time.

Now all they need to do is program it to lasso me and drag me onto the seat when I'm feeling lazy and I'd have it made!



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