Half Assed Because There are No Experts Here

Blogging has been a daily habit of mine for a couple of months now. I don’t think anyone is reading what I write but I just can’t seem to help myself.

The three blogs (now four) I’m currently working on are all over the place. I can’t keep them on track. That’s part of the reason I have so many of them….no focus. I know that lack of focus is part of the reason my readership is low so I’ve been searching my mind for a blog topic that is more focused and is something I actually know something about.

I think I finally figured it out. Fitness….and health and weight loss. (I know, I know but they are related at least!)

Staying in shape has been a constant struggle for me over the years. I’ve discovered that it’s something I can’t stop thinking about or my bad habits and choices start showing in unhealthy and unattractive ways.

I know there are a lot of people out there that are simply unaware of the different health and fitness options available, some haven’t found what works yet and just need some new ideas and others are experiencing grand success. I’m hoping this blog will turn out to be a tool that we can all use to share and grow in our fitness journeys. Maybe by working together we can enhance our health and well being and make some healthy progress.

Please feel free to submit any advice or experiences you think will help me or your fellow readers; what works for one may not work for all, but it might just work for one other person that really needed to hear your idea!

Thanks for stopping by! Check back often.



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