Day 7 - 30 Day Trial - Vegetarian

I did work around the house today but I typically don't count this. Only activities I wasn't going to do anyway.

1 Yoplait yogurt light blueberry 100 calories
1 c. Horizon organic fat-free milk 90

Snack (over the course of the day):
5 chocolate chip cookies 433 calories

1 Egg salad sandwich made with Nayonaise and Eating Right bread 339 calories
24 Kettle Korn rice crisps 180
1 can Hansen's Diet Tangerine Lime 0

1 c. Peanuts in the shell 340 calories
1 pc. Pumpkin pie (I'm an addict) 310 calories

64oz **updated**

Net calories for the day: 1792 (43 under goal)

Here is my nutritional breakdown for today:

Notes/observations for the day:
You will notice that I kind of ate a lot of junk today. 4 cookies and a piece of pie. You might be thinking "OMG, this isn't dieting, you can't eat that!". Well, yes I can and I've lost over 50 pounds doing it this way.

The only thing that matters is the calories, the numbers, not the source.

I will agree that that's a lot of sugar and you can see from my nutritional graph my fats were a little high. Never in the past have I even paid attention to these numbers, just the calories. I'm only watching the rest of the numbers now so I can see how the vegetarian aspect is affecting me. All of the cholesterol came from two measly eggs. On top of that I can see that I am not taking in enough calcium. I'll have to work at that, it should be closer to 1000.

The key is to keep paying attention and not make every day like this one.



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